Chip It! Review

This is a short & sweet review of a nifty craft tool called Chip It!  Again let me point out, there are no ads on this blog, I have no sponsors, and I only review things that interest me and that I personally try myself.

Chip It! lets you upload a photo and it automatically finds you coordinating paint chip colors.  Obviously, you don't have to buy paint.  Maybe you're looking for coordinating fabric, as I am doing in my first example.  It's sponsored by Sherwin-Williams, hence the paint.  Maybe you ARE trying to repaint your living room- upload a pic of your rug, or couch, or a throw pillow, and see what coordinates!

Here's some fun examples to show you.  I'm not planning to repaint anything anytime soon, but I WAS looking for coordinating fabric ideas as I mentioned.

This is my bridal portrait.  In our old house I had a wall of wedding pictures framed.  I'd like to do that here and was looking for ideas for colors of frames, or maybe a painted wooden heart, or vinyl letting...not sure yet, but this does show some nice colors!

Here's a pie I baked awhile back!  M&M Cookie Pie :)

And here's a stock photo I had saved.

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