Thin Fonts for Your Cameo & Your Pens

You may remember at the beginning of November I showed off my Chomas Creations Marker Holder and even did a giveaway because I liked it so much.  If you read that post, you read about how you need a single line font or else it appears hollow, since all you are doing is drawing the same lines that you would cut if there was a blade instead of a pen in your Cameo.

Well, now you have a few solutions.  One is to buy Make the Cut, which utilizes single line fonts (which Silhouette software generally doesn't).  Another option is to purchase fonts from the Silhouette Store.  This is a newer offering and I've seen fonts that are $2.99 (3 times more than the typical download) and I've also seen fonts that are not the whole font- you might get ABCDE for $2.99 and then pay another $2.99 for the next section, etc.  In the words of Cartman, laaaame.  Your third option would be to scour the web for thin fonts that don't appear hollow because of their natural thinness- they ARE hollow but the lines are so tight you can't tell.  And your last option, color in the font by hand after your machine is done outlining it.

I don't own Make the Cut yet, but I'm thinking about it.  I do have 2 fonts from the Silhouette Store and I like them ok, but the price and the sectioned alphabet isn't appealing.  And, if I want to hand color in every letter of something, I would just stick the card upside down in my printer and simply print it.

So, I went with option 3 and scoured the web for thin fonts.  They are all FREE save 2 and I've compiled the links for you.  Aren't I nice?  Aren't I lucky that my toddler takes 4 hour naps?

 All fonts are 38 point.  There are lines at the top where my pen dragged- that is because I lost the popsicle stick that came with my marker holder and was guessing at the pen depth. Not every font you see is going to appear solid- I was testing out a lot and remember, if it's slightly hollow here, it will probably be solid at a smaller point size.

Fonts were drawn using a standard black felt tip pen I found in a desk.

This started out as 3 columns and then I fix extra text wherever I could to max out the info per sheet.  I am going to attempt to list these going in columns from top to bottom, left to right, but it might not be perfectly organized.  If all else fails, google the name of the font you want, which is written in the font.

Amy Lou $1.99
Christmas Eve
Clipper Script

Whew!!!  Be sure to read the terms of use on any font if you're planning to sell something using it.

Also, while we're on the subject of fonts, some shameless post promoting- I found this AWESOME app (and no, they aren't paying me to say that, I doubt the developer is even aware that I wrote a review) that lets me use my iPad to make custom fonts and wingdings that work GREAT with the Cameo.  Check it out here!


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