So, I promised a clothing post

Uh...remember back in October when I said I was going to start posting my outfits as part of a challenge to myself to put the yoga pants on the back burner for awhile?  I had that initial post, and a second post...and that was it.  Yeah...oops.

Well, I took lots of pictures on my vacation between Christmas and New Year's and decided to pretend that counts as catch-up!
Shirt- Kohls Pants- Hanes Shapewear Shoes- Hibbet Sports

Shirt- Belk Jeans- Nine West for Belk Shoes- well I didn't have any on for the photo but I wore tan Croc wedge heels.  They're not THAT ugly, and they're comfy :)

Shirt- Belk Pants- Belk Shoes- Nine West

Shirt (sweater)- Cable & Gauge Pants- Michael Kors Shoes- the tan Croc wedge heels mentioned above :)

Shirt- Cable & Gauge Pants- Belk Shoes- Christian Louboutin black pumps- a surprise Christmas gift!

My outfits are really nothing special but my days normally consist of yoga pants, college t-shirts, and flip flops.  Since I'm either at the gym or chasing around a toddler I can justify the outfits, but I need to make more of an effort.


  1. I'm trying to contact you but I don't know how!! If you could email me that would be awesome!!! Thanks Amy Chomas

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