What I Wore Wednesday #2- 10.10.2012

Long winded explanation of mommy-ness and why I'm being narcissistic can be read here, along with week 1.

Again, only 2 outfits in 7 days.  However...the black pants are a Junior's Medium, and the tan shirt is a Women's Medium, so yay for that!

Outfit 1:  Just a chilly morning, nothing special.  Black workout pants, black gym top, Zombie faux Uggs that hubby surprised me with (in the mail, obvs) this week.

Outfit 2:  A funeral where I hadn't seen the deceased in nearly a decade, but his daughter is my step-grandmother's best friend.

Bonus!  Last week Sonjia was kicked off of Project Runway, but a few weeks ago she won the baby boy challenge and I.love.this.outfit.  Granted the shirt is Gymboree since my son didn't want the shirt that came with it, but a formal suit made out of sweatpants material?  LOVE.

Picture the shirt tucked in and not hanging out.  And nicer shoes.  And a smile.

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