DIY Personalized Skeleton T-shirt

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This little shirt was so easy to make!  It's a $4 plain t-shirt from Wal Mart, white flocked heat transfer material (sort of fuzzy & soft, a smidgy bit raised), and the "Skelly" shape from the Silhouette store.

Skelly is really easy to make.  Ungroup him and delete his torso.  I also got rid of the treat basket, but I might add that later since his lower hand is still bent like it's holding something.  If you'd rather not have that, erase that holding hand, duplicate the open hand, and flip it into place.

I found a bone-shaped font and wrote my son's name, mirrored it, and flipped it vertically.  Then it was resized to fit where the rib cage would go (I think I moved the legs a bit lower too.  You can move whatever you want!).  Then, just load the paper into the cameo & hit "Cut."

I used Silhouette brand white flocked heat transfer paper.  I did find that I had to iron directly onto the backing before it would adhere- having a cloth over it was too much of a buffer for flocked material I guess.

I still may cut the treat bag in black HTV and iron it onto that hand- we'll see!


  1. I love these personalized skeleton tshirt.These look so stylish and unique.I have seen many pattern in t shirts but this looks great.

  2. I like how you made your son’s name into a rib cage of a human skeleton. I love your creativity, Gigi! You wouldn’t think that it’s a name at first glance, unless you know how to read words flipped vertically. I’m pretty sure your son will love this personalized T-shirt.