Layered Vinyl Elmo Tumbler

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My poor little guy isn't feeling well and doesn't want any fluids, so I left him in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (my crafty room actually has no doors, just 2 arches, and it's about 10 steps away from the living room, so it's easy to keep an eye on him and craft) and set off to make a bribe with another Dollar Tree tumbler (my first one with a wrap template found here).

This time I decided to layer an image itself and picked Elmo because until my two vinyl orders arrive I'm pretty low on inventory.  I also wanted to do this fast so I separated black, red, and white on the mat and then Frankenstein-layered the colors of vinyl on the mat as well.

While the Cameo does do Print & Cut, and I do have printable vinyl, this is just red, black, and white vinyl.  Only the edges of the shapes cut.  I just kept them shaded since it was easier to see.

Here's a fairly dark photo of the final layered result.  Incidentally, it's gloomy all over today because of Sandy; anyone else in her path?  I have a wedding to go to tonight too!  Fingers crossed for no power outage!

If you're looking at this and realizing that I had no orange vinyl, you're right, I didn't.  Elmo has an orange nose thanks to an orange Sharpie marker.  

Mission accomplished, sicky toddler boy is drinking water and I got some crafty time before Frankenstorm Sandy really gets going and shuts off the electricity!  Stay safe everyone!

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