Baby Room- Themed Name Decor

Having a baby's name above their crib is a pretty popular decorating trend right now.

Here's a very luxurious-looking vinyl monogram & name:

Or some adorable vinyl letters & characters:

I even found a name banner hanging on a crib, which photographs beautifully but is very, very unsafe for baby, as is any sort of long cord/streamer:

What really caught my eye came right from my own family!   My cousin just had a baby boy over the weekend and she posted this photo of his name in his nautical-themed room.  Since my son's room is pirate-themed, I'm picturing this with a few additions like a ship steering wheel & maybe some little pirate hats??  As long as baby can't reach it, obviously!

I just love the fishing net.  It's very original and works so well with the nautical theme, yet it's practical to hang the letters and shapes on to.

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