3rd Birthday T-shirt

Someone is turning THREE years old over here! Where did the time go???!!!

I wanted to make him a t-shirt to wear to preschool on his birthday. I already had a black t-shirt and bought some Jolee's heat transfer paper for colored fabrics. I then wasted 2 sheets of it as my Cameo would not cut the design properly.

 I switched to some flat (regular) and flocked (thicker and kind of fuzzy). A lot of people don't like the flat HTV that Silhouette makes. I can see why. It cut ragged and it stretched when weeding, meaning again I trashed the cut.

However, the flocked HTV cut great!

 I had some Siser Easyweed left over from a shirt I made for my husband. It wasn't a color that I wanted to use but it was all I had left. I did end up liking the final product.

The green is Siser Easyweed and the yellow is the flocked Silhouette HTV.

I tried to take a photo of the flocked vs flat as well
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I have a few other crafts to post, a lot to do, and even a bunch of stuff for What I Wore Wednesday- shocking, I know!

Thanks for reading, as always!

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