Ivory Soap Clouds

Today we decided to try the Ivory Soap Cloud craft I saw.

It's pretty cheap- $1.19 for three bars of Ivory soap, and food coloring if you want.

Put a bar on a microwave safe dish and nuke it for about 2-2.5 minutes.  It's pretty neat to watch!

30 seconds in:

When it comes out you have a nice 'cloud' of flaky, crispy soap bits!  Also, your whole house will smell like Ivory soap!

If you want to mold it, add just a tablespoon of warm water and mix it gently.  That makes it more squishy.  You can also mix in few drops of food coloring.

I was going to break out cookie cutters, etc, as well, but sadly the kiddos were bored within minutes :(  Ah well.  On to the next craft!

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