Recipe Review: Crackle Cookies

Today the girls and I decided to make cookies while my son was napping.  We settled on Crackle Cookies (click for link to recipe) and got to work!

They look pretty good in the oven, right?


This recipe is like everything wrong with a cookie rolled into one.  They stuck to the pan (both a stoneware pan that NOTHING sticks to, and a greased metal pan).  They were bitter.  They were rock hard.  They fell apart (or had to be scraped off in the case of pan 2- those cookies went right into the disposal, as I needed tons of water just to scrape them off).

So, how do you fix this?  You have three kids staring at you with sad eyes, just wanting some fresh warm cookies.

Well, that didn't happen, but we did the next best thing.

Blend up the cookie pieces with some vanilla ice cream!

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