The Wax Paper Trick

This is a totally unbiased review of a household trick I read online, inspired by my new purchase.

My purchase was a beautiful new faucet!  I've been wanting one since we built the house and discovered this was the stock faucet:

So the other day, we got this beauty!

Doesn't it look so much nicer???  And I wanted to KEEP it looking nice!  So, on to the trick!

See those water spots?  Bleh.

To prevent them, rub your faucet with some wax paper.  Because I only recently bought my first box of wax paper ever and I'm 26 years old, I rubbed the whole faucet with both sides, in case one side was waxy and one wasn't, or something.

It's said that the wax will repel water spots, so to test, I left some water drops in that same spot and let them air dry as usually happens when there's some splashing of the sprayer.

Look, no spots!  This trick really works!

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