Food on the Table

Food on the Table is a really neat website I found recently.  Before I keep raving about it, let me point out I don't get paid for reviews, this is not that kind of blog!  That said, this site is really cool.

After you sign up, you select the stores you shop at and your zip code.  From there, you choose the type of meals you like.  Don't like turkey?  Don't check that box!  Like lots of pasta?  Good, let the site know.

It will then browse the sales in your selected stores and suggest a meal plan for the week based around your preferences combined with the sales.  For example, last week it said that if I went to Smiths I would save $4 on  chicken, while Wal-Mart had $3 off turkey.  That alone is a pretty cool feature!

As for the meals- it suggests some for you, or you can browse, or even upload your own.  I uploaded all of my side dishes and a few main dishes for easy of use.  It's great to know when things I make often will have their ingredients on sale!

The last cool thing it does is e-mail you your shopping list!  You can also view & edit your meal plan and shopping list on an iPhone app that I have found very easy to use.  It even suggests common ingredients that have brands on sale, like for example here for Milk, it lets you know that Mountain Dairy is on sale with your store rewards card.  You can also add items that aren't related to your list, like shampoo and whatnot, making this a handy app that just might replace OutOfMilk on my iPhone!

This photo is not of my e-mailed list, but the one on the site.  However, you get the idea.

Here are some screenshots of the app on an iPhone 4S

I did spend a bit of time uploading all the recipes I use often, but now that I've done that, it's done.  I'll know when all of the ingredients are on sale and at what stores, and with just a few clicks I have a weekly shopping list in my e-mail for quick review.

Let me know if you like this site as much as I do!


Beauty Stuff

You know what's hard?

Taking a photo of your own hair, using nothing but an iPhone.

I got highlights, lowlights, and a glaze done while I was at the spa today.  My facialist was 45 minutes late (grr) and like a drone I was sucked right in to the idea of (paying for) another service while I was waiting.  I love how it came out though!

This photo is pretty color accurate:

This one isn't as accurate on the color, especially the red, but it's a better view of how chunky I like my highlights:

Hopefully I have time to keep up with the maintenance now!

My facial was very relaxing, although I did learn there is nothing over the counter that will help with the spot of acne scars from while I was pregnant.  It's on my left cheek and the scars are red, so it's noticeable and I hate it.  I will have to visit a dermatologist, likely for an Rx Retin-A type of cream.

So, who has tried Garnier B.B. Cream?


I picked some up yesterday in Light/Medium.  It fits my complexion well, but anyone even a shade paler than me will probably think it is too dark.  I swear it has more coverage than my Lorac foundation.  However....I don't think it's a real B.B. Cream, at all.  If you know anything about B.B. Creams you will likely think this is just a tinted moisturizer, and that's what I'm leaning towards.  It felt nice after my facial, but it was not particularly healing or soothing.  It may replace my tinted moisturizer (or maybe I'll stop wasting my Lorac foundation by mixing it with moisturizer) but I doubt it will replace a B.B. Cream for me.


Washi Tape: Crafty Inspiration

In my attempt to be more creative and use my Cricut & Cuttlebug I've come across Washi Tape.  I've seen ribbon and cardstock with adhesive backing, but that's different.  Washi Tape really is the weight of regular masking tape and sometimes has translucent parts.  It looks really cool and seems very versatile.  I don't really know what I want to make, but I'm sure with some Pinterest browsing I'll figure it out (and by the way, click here to follow me on Pinterest!).

All images credit of the stores, which if I did this right, you can visit by clicking on said image.
How adorable is this?

I've even seen some DIY Washi Tape around the web, but I'm not sure that's tape so much as adhesive cardstock, which is NOT Washi Tape as far as I can tell.

This is another one I am enamored with.

Here's some things that are inspiring me!

Have you ever made anything with Washi Tape?  I want to see (and I want your tips!)


National Infertility Awareness week


Did you know it's National Infertility Awareness Week?

Probably not, because nobody talks about infertility.  People talk about cancer and skin conditions and GI issues, but infertility is often a dirty little secret.

It's understandable that a woman (or man) who can't have children is devastated and doesn't want to discuss infertility.

HOWEVER, the only way to get this message across is to say it loud and clear (and I'm even going to bold it so you get the point):

THINK TWICE (and then THINK AGAIN for good measure) before you ask ANYONE "When are you guys going to have kids already?"   Think twice before asking someone with one child if she's going to have another before her firstborn and a hypothetical new baby would be "too far apart in age."  DON'T go on and on to the childless couple about how easy they have it being able to sleep and go out.   Finally, never, never, never take your children for granted.


A new sensory toy

Right before we left for vacation F had a visit from his therapy coordinator.  He hits about 6-8 months behind on her tests, as usual.  He seems to be weight and muscle oriented for comfort so we talked again about a weighted blanket (which you'll see in a future crafty post).

For the time being, his coordinator whipped out 2 lbs of rice (75 cent bags at Target), a tube sock, and some duct tape.  F was a little nervous of it (he told me it was "yuck") so we let him color on it and play with his cars on it.  He's still not using it on his lap or shoulders for comfort, but maybe this idea will help another child out there feel calmer.


"Cesarean Courage"

I saw this blog today and rather than show you my (fails at) crafting and cooking and organizing, I just wanted to share it.  I had a c-section.  I'd do it again.  I do NOT see the method of your birth as a big deal.  I just don't.  I don't care if you want to freebirth at home in a pool, or if you want an epidural in the hospital, or anything else.  What matters is that mom & baby are safe, and there are many ways to do that.

I am not ignorant.  I am not uneducated.  I was not forced into a c-section by my doctor and am now claiming that he raped my birth plan.  I had a c-section, and I'm not ashamed of it.  There's no reason I should be.




Everyone seems to use their Cricuts for scrapbooking or card making.  I do neither, I just have a really sweet husband who thought I'd enjoy the machine.  I've used it for some crafty stuff but I did try my hand at card making the other day.

I wouldn't hold your breath for the gorgeous 3-D cards you see on a lot of scrapbook blogs.


iPhone Fun

I love my iPhone.  I didn't have one for awhile, and I really dislike the Android system.  I'm not an Apple snob, in fact my only Apple products are my iPhone and iPad.  I just love how they work though.  I got my iPhone back about two months ago and I've been having a lot of fun with a $5 clear case from RadioShack, some cardstock, and Photoshop.

It's easy to do.  I just google image searched for templates.  I have a blank file or sometimes I edit stuff from google images.  Printing has been super easy and I cut with an Exacto knife.  I'd love to get the dimensions in my Cricut!


Bathroom accents DIY

In December we redid our master bathroom from the orange & hot pinks of my college dorm towels to a very sleek & luxe silver with crystal accents from Bed Bath & Beyond.  However, I had taken down all the wall decor and it was looking kind of bare.

5 minutes with the Cricut & Sure Cuts a Lot and a frame from the dollar store.  I even printed out the pretty paper- just typed 'Grey Print' into Google & printed out one I liked.  Easy!

excuse the hubby's messy side of the sink!

I even had a little bit of paper left over after trimming to fit the frame.  Coincidentally, I wanted to stop using my rinse cup as a makeup brush holder, so I had picked up a clear glass container at the dollar store as well.  I decided to Mod Podge the extra strip of paper on there to help it coordinate with the silver & grey bathroom.

One of these days I will make sure the bathroom is spotless and take a pic of how much it has changed in the last few months!



Just fiddling with my Cricut X.  I'm thisclose to buying a Silhouette Cameo, but I decided to give the Cricut a good workout in creativity for another week or so before I decide.

Don't you just love my dino guardian?  My son insists he be on my desk when I'm sitting at it.

I am a sucker for anything whimsical.  I have nothing planned for anything but the X, but I just have to cut it and see how it looks...


Fun with the Cricut X

Ok, remember my weekly planner from the other day?

I finally replaced my Cricut X blade.  First time in 1.5 years!  Yeah, I don't use it much.

Using Sure Cuts a Lot on the PC, I found some fonts I liked.

Using some trial and error, I sent them to the Cricut and then glued them onto the papers in the frames.

Before & After:

Is it perfect?  Still nope.  Because I am a human, a mom, a person with limited time and attention span and patience for tiny letters.  But I like it!

I also took some black vinyl and did this in the bedroom:

Speaking of the Cricut, my hubby had some fun of his own, again using SCAL on the computer and then sending his creation to the Cricut.  This used to be the grey color of the letters.  He masked them off, cut the car design with the Cricut, and spray painted and stenciled his way to this pretty engine cover:

Sometimes I think he enjoys the Cricut more than I do!


Easy Outlets

Awhile back I saw a pin that showed how to cover your boring white outlets with scrapbook paper.  I pinned it and promptly forgot about it until yesterday.  It's really easy.  You just need the paper and modge podge and some sort of brush.

I went to Michael's for supplies.  I had the paper from the project I did yesterday but was out of glue.  I did glance at the modge podge, but $8.99 for 16 ounces??!!  I always have a 40% off coupon at Michael's, but still.  I got an 8 ounce bottle of glue for $1.99, took 40% off of that, and went home.  Into an empty plastic container I dumped out all the glue, refilled the bottle with water, and dumped all that into the container.  Mixed it up- instant modge podge for a fraction of the price.

So these are the two areas I decided to do first.  It's my front hall, and there's just one outlet and one switch visible.

The switch-

And the outlet-


I did not take step by step photos.  I've said before, my blog is real, I don't use a DLSR and spend hours editing photos of step by step instructions.  If you want greater detail, go click my link for the original source.  I take pics as I can with my cell phone and show you what really happens when someone gets inspired from the internet!

So, here's my container of modge podge, brush, and light switch cover.  I made a mistake here.  I covered the plate with modge podge and then lay the paper over it.  It came out kind of wrinkled.  My second attempt with the outlet cover, I did the glue and they pressed it down onto the back of the paper- MUCH better.

You leave some room for overhang, and then slit the corners so you can fold that overhang back.   You might have to hold it in place for a moment so that it sticks.  I cover the whole thing with more podge to help keep it sturdy (hopefully) and when it's dried (which doesn't take too long) I flip it over and slice around the openings from the back.

Here's my not quite perfect light switch cover:

And the outlet cover, which went much better.  Again, don't lay the paper on top!  Lay it facedown on a table and press the glued cover to it that way.  No wrinkles!

Are these perfect?  Of course not, they are my first attempts.  I like them and while I may re-do them later as I get better, I also might just leave them.  We'll see, I guess.  I have 3 floors of outlets and switch covers to do, so it will be a long time in the making!
Is buying pretty covers easier?  Of course.  It's also more expensive.  I counted all the outlets and switches in my house one day and for the covers I wanted, it would be around $800.  Sure, I could do it room by room, and have them done just in time to get PCS orders elsewhere.  Or, for $5/100sheets of paper and $1.99 for glue, I can do this.


Crafty day around the house

Today I have been busy!

First, the rugrat and I ran over to Target, where I don't go often.  Our experience there kind of reminded me why.  I got this curtain rod labeled $2.36.  It rang up $10.  I politely explained I didn't think that was right and was told "Go to Wal-Mart then."  Oookay.  I left the line, went back, and took pics of where it was marked at that price.  Took them up front.  Had to get a manager involved, but I did finally get it at the marked price.

It was worth the hassle though- I have this big blank wall on the mostly unused first floor, right by the doors to the garage and the guest suite.  I also have tons of stuff that the rugrat has made, both at home and at his Occupational Therapy play groups.  I can never bear to throw it all away and it's been shoved on top of my fridge for awhile now.

Well, take a look at it now!  Here's my source pin, which doubled the rods.

I also put together a coupon binder.  I rarely use coupons.  My Sunday paper is mostly ads and no store in my state will double, so usually the Kroger brand is cheaper even after a coupon is factor in.  However, I do tend to print out lots of coupons and Kroger occasionally sends me some, plus the random rare occasion that manufacturer coupons show up in my mailbox.  Last week I got the super special "20% off EVERYTHING!" at Ulta coupon- only comes once in a blue moon and it's the only one I can use on high end brands in there!  Also, I have Gymbucks ready and waiting!  I need a place to save all of those besides my junk drawer.

I printed off the label pages from this link, but really you can make this yourself easily.  Rather than use baseball inserts, I just put the coupons behind the label paper they go with, so it's in the same sleeve and easy to find.  Works for me.

Notice the toddler hand?  He was helping with "Mama's book!"  How adorable  <3

Lastly I wanted to make this "Our Week" dry erase calender.  Everything was really easy to find.  Just go light on the color & print of the paper so you can see your schedule easy!  I was going to cut out letters with my Cricut, but my blade went dull and I realized just using it all as dry erase gives me more versatility, so I may leave it.  Either way, it works for now.

Right where we can see it all the time!

I'm thinking of getting different color makers for each of us to make it easier to see at a glance who has what going on, then again, the black shows up nicely and I'm not sure green would!

More goodies

Yesterday I talked about candy, candy, CANDY!  Today I tried to be a bit healthier and do stuff with oats and granola.

First I made these no-bake granola bars.  Well, I tried to.  I only had rolled oats and the recipe called for quick oats.  Looking at rolled oats, they are just oats.  I didn't see why it would be an issue, but instead of granola bars, I have a canister of granola cereal now.  They just did not stay together even after an hour in the fridge.  I can't believe quick oats make that much of a difference, but I'll try it next time.

Next I made No Bake Energy Bites.  I actually had flaxseed left over from something else, and I added a tablespoon of Brewer's Yeast I still had around from when I was breastfeeding (it's good for more than just breast milk supply!).  I really dislike that these have to be kept in the fridge, but they are great otherwise!


A big long post about food

Last night I made homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs and I was not impressed.  They were messy and I felt like the consistency was off for sure, and the taste possibly also.  It's been so long since I've eaten a real one, but this was not what I remembered.

Due to not having an egg mold, I renamed mine Cadbury Creme Amorphous Blobs.

Moving on to candy that went MUCH better, homemade Reeses Eggs!  These were ah-mazing!

I also did homemade Twix- hubby wanted a thicker cookie part but I loved them!

Homemade Soft Pretzels have been another hit here.  We make them in many ways- cheese on top, garlic, "pizza pretzels", bites to dip in cheese, etc.  If you just slightly underbake them, you can freeze them and then finish the baking later in a toaster oven after you spritz with liquid butter and add some salt on top.  They are wonderful!

Using these Star Wars cookie cutters and these Star Wars sandwich cutters, I've made Star Wars biscuits and a cute lunch for my son!  Williams-Sonoma is the best and they have a Marvel line now!

Lastly, I was given a Fortune Cookie Maker for Valentine's Day and it has been a lot of fun!

We even took larger amounts of dough and made Fortune Cookie Batter Pancakes with powdered sugar on top!  These stayed soft instead of getting crispy like the cookie and they were delicious.