Easy Outlets

Awhile back I saw a pin that showed how to cover your boring white outlets with scrapbook paper.  I pinned it and promptly forgot about it until yesterday.  It's really easy.  You just need the paper and modge podge and some sort of brush.

I went to Michael's for supplies.  I had the paper from the project I did yesterday but was out of glue.  I did glance at the modge podge, but $8.99 for 16 ounces??!!  I always have a 40% off coupon at Michael's, but still.  I got an 8 ounce bottle of glue for $1.99, took 40% off of that, and went home.  Into an empty plastic container I dumped out all the glue, refilled the bottle with water, and dumped all that into the container.  Mixed it up- instant modge podge for a fraction of the price.

So these are the two areas I decided to do first.  It's my front hall, and there's just one outlet and one switch visible.

The switch-

And the outlet-


I did not take step by step photos.  I've said before, my blog is real, I don't use a DLSR and spend hours editing photos of step by step instructions.  If you want greater detail, go click my link for the original source.  I take pics as I can with my cell phone and show you what really happens when someone gets inspired from the internet!

So, here's my container of modge podge, brush, and light switch cover.  I made a mistake here.  I covered the plate with modge podge and then lay the paper over it.  It came out kind of wrinkled.  My second attempt with the outlet cover, I did the glue and they pressed it down onto the back of the paper- MUCH better.

You leave some room for overhang, and then slit the corners so you can fold that overhang back.   You might have to hold it in place for a moment so that it sticks.  I cover the whole thing with more podge to help keep it sturdy (hopefully) and when it's dried (which doesn't take too long) I flip it over and slice around the openings from the back.

Here's my not quite perfect light switch cover:

And the outlet cover, which went much better.  Again, don't lay the paper on top!  Lay it facedown on a table and press the glued cover to it that way.  No wrinkles!

Are these perfect?  Of course not, they are my first attempts.  I like them and while I may re-do them later as I get better, I also might just leave them.  We'll see, I guess.  I have 3 floors of outlets and switch covers to do, so it will be a long time in the making!
Is buying pretty covers easier?  Of course.  It's also more expensive.  I counted all the outlets and switches in my house one day and for the covers I wanted, it would be around $800.  Sure, I could do it room by room, and have them done just in time to get PCS orders elsewhere.  Or, for $5/100sheets of paper and $1.99 for glue, I can do this.

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