A big long post about food

Last night I made homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs and I was not impressed.  They were messy and I felt like the consistency was off for sure, and the taste possibly also.  It's been so long since I've eaten a real one, but this was not what I remembered.

Due to not having an egg mold, I renamed mine Cadbury Creme Amorphous Blobs.

Moving on to candy that went MUCH better, homemade Reeses Eggs!  These were ah-mazing!

I also did homemade Twix- hubby wanted a thicker cookie part but I loved them!

Homemade Soft Pretzels have been another hit here.  We make them in many ways- cheese on top, garlic, "pizza pretzels", bites to dip in cheese, etc.  If you just slightly underbake them, you can freeze them and then finish the baking later in a toaster oven after you spritz with liquid butter and add some salt on top.  They are wonderful!

Using these Star Wars cookie cutters and these Star Wars sandwich cutters, I've made Star Wars biscuits and a cute lunch for my son!  Williams-Sonoma is the best and they have a Marvel line now!

Lastly, I was given a Fortune Cookie Maker for Valentine's Day and it has been a lot of fun!

We even took larger amounts of dough and made Fortune Cookie Batter Pancakes with powdered sugar on top!  These stayed soft instead of getting crispy like the cookie and they were delicious.

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