More goodies

Yesterday I talked about candy, candy, CANDY!  Today I tried to be a bit healthier and do stuff with oats and granola.

First I made these no-bake granola bars.  Well, I tried to.  I only had rolled oats and the recipe called for quick oats.  Looking at rolled oats, they are just oats.  I didn't see why it would be an issue, but instead of granola bars, I have a canister of granola cereal now.  They just did not stay together even after an hour in the fridge.  I can't believe quick oats make that much of a difference, but I'll try it next time.

Next I made No Bake Energy Bites.  I actually had flaxseed left over from something else, and I added a tablespoon of Brewer's Yeast I still had around from when I was breastfeeding (it's good for more than just breast milk supply!).  I really dislike that these have to be kept in the fridge, but they are great otherwise!

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