What's in your bag?

Do you have an "emergency make-up bag?"  That's what I call mine.  I don't carry it with me 24/7 but I always have a small bag and a few things I always typically throw in it when I do feel like I'll need a touch-up outside of the house.

Here's the bag I currently use.  It came free if you "Liked" Target's Style page on Facebook.

Let's take a peek..

Here's what I keep with me!

Top row left- Garnier BB Cream.  It's nothing like a real BB cream, but it's great in a pinch to just rub a pea-sized dot on my face and get a bit of coverage and sunscreen (although, a sunscreen is NOT meant to be absorbed into your skin, so NEVER rely on makeup only for your sunscreen!)

Top row right- E.L.F. finishing mist.  This is not what I usually carry, but someone at TSA stole my Urban Decay De-Slick and this was all I could find in a pinch.

Bottom row far left- Bare Minerals powder.  I actually always have 2 containers of powder, one stays on my bathroom counter and one in the emergency bag.

Next to that is an E.L.F. kabuki brush for the powder.  You get what you pay for with E.L.F.- this was $5- but for $5, I won't cry if it falls out of my purse or gets stuck in the zipper.

Next to the brush is Benefit BadGal mascara.  For eyeshadow I use Naked or Naked2 (seriously, I own nothing else!) with Urban Decay primer under it and Stila eyeliner and have NEVER needed a touchup, so all I carry is mascara.

Far right is a sample size of Urban Decay Lip Junkie that came free with Naked2, but it's my favorite right now!  I have the full size at home.  I hope I can buy the sample size again to keep in my bag!  It tastes like delicious vanilla mint and isn't sticky like most glosses.

So what do you keep in YOUR emergency bag?  And FYI, this entire bag is TSA friendly, assuming there are no sticky fingers around...

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