Lazy easy bouncy ball craft!

Oh, man!  Have you ever been so sick and just had to power through it?  It's called being a mom!

Friday we left for California for a long weekend.  The hubby had a big car show and we were taking the toddler to Disney.  I was already coughing when we left,  but I hate to disappoint anyone, so away we went.  Luckily, no one else is even remotely sick, but I'm ready to start feeling better!  I had to power through being on my own with my son (and my friend and her son, but, she's preggo and has a son of her own, she was not there so I could treat her as a sitter!) all day Saturday so the hubby could set up and most of Sunday so the hubby could show, in a strange city, when all I wanted to do was be at home in my own bed.

Luckily everyone had a blast even if Disney was a little scary for the rugrat, but it's Tuesday and I'm still not 100% better yet.  However, one of my nanny kiddos just came up to me and said "When you're done and you're better, can we maybe please make food or do a fun project or a craft or something?"  *pouty eyes* Man, I am a sucker!

Lucky me I had this in my craft cupboard!  $1 at Walmart, you can't beat that!

Snap mold together- fill with powders in desired pattern color- let sit in cup of cold water for 10 minutes- play!

It's amazing how long kids can entertain themselves with a bouncy ball, leaving this tired mommy to lay here on the couch with my laptop and a big bottle of water and finish hacking up my lungs.

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