How to save $2680

Ok, not really.  In my mind, spending money at all isn't "saving" money even if it's on sale, but I did score pretty well today.

I have been wanting a pair of diamond frame studs, like these.  These are 2 ct TW and are $2679.99 at Zales.

I happen to still be on vacation, where my son snapped my beautiful sunglasses in half, so in desperation I went to Target to find a new pair.  There is not a big shopping selection in this town.  Beforehand, I went to Target's website, where there was a coupon for BOGO 50% Off jewelry & accessories, which was perfect!  I also got some for $3 & $5 off Merona & Mossimo items, but didn't use those.

Anyway, in the locked jewelry case, I noticed these babies:

They are $19.99 but were $14.99 in store (and honestly, you don't want to shop on target.com.  Many items have 1 star reviews and if you read them, it's for the shipping process alone.  It's awful).  My sunglasses were $16, so the earrings got the 50% off, saving me $7.50 there and technically saving me about $2600 since I really wanted those other studs for Mother's Day!  You really can't beat that.  While I love diamonds, jewelry, and being spoiled, I also lose jewelry a LOT and this way, I won't cry when it happens.  They look real in person- I sat them next to my 3ct engagement ring and I'd swear the earrings were real too.

There is also a promotion going on where if you buy two "fine jewelry" items at Target you get a $5 gift card on the spot.  I didn't spot anything else I liked, which is too bad!

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  1. I like the earrings! I never wear my real diamond studs anymore, I am so afraid to lose one! The kids are always grabby and I would hate to have one fall out! I will have to check my Target next time I go to see if they have these.