I'm getting ahead of myself again

I have WAY too much going on!  I was gone for almost a month, home for a week, and Friday we leave for 4 days in Los Angeles/Disneyland.  I'm trying to cram way too much into this week!

~I have the containers to consolidate my herbs, but haven't done it, or made the labels
~I have the felt for my son's project wall, but not the posterboard and can't decide on a magnet board
~This reminds me, I forgot the 3M velcro hangers too!
~My double cabinet that I call the junk cabinet is only 1/2 way organized with bins
~I'm making list upon list of organizational and decor stuff to buy at Ikea this weekend
~I redid my blog look
~I want to refinish, paint, and possibly stencil on my kitchen table
~My kitchen cabinets could really use a moderate reorganization again, or at least a neaten-up afternoon
~2 cabinets in the office need some organizational help
~My downstairs closet is a wreck and a half.  Why does guest room seem to = dumping ground?
~I'm working on 4th of July decor, still scouting for everything I need

I just hate to sit by when I know there is stuff to do (or stuff I want to do anyway!) but I get so haphazard about it.


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