DIY Facial

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I was browsing random Pins on Pinterest last night and found one that said it was "DIY Microdermabrasion."  Naturally curious since I barely have time to shower, let alone hit the spa like I used to, I checked it out.

The ingredients were 3 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 1 tablespoon of water.  You probably have that in your kitchen right now, right?  Mix together and rub on your face in a circular motion.  Wait 5 minutes, then rise off.  It suggests you not do this more often than once per week.

Once my 2 year old settled down for a nap I mixed myself up some of this and put it on.  My impressions?  Well, #1, that will probably be too much mix for you.  I could have easily halved the ingredients as I had so much left over.  #2, I'd rinse this off in the shower!  My bathroom sink, despite all the splashing around I did, left my skin feeling gritty and it took a LOT of rinsing.  Why did I not use a towel, you ask?  Well, #3, owie!  My skin was very red and a bit painful as I was rinsing.  If you have very sensitive skin, I would not do this!  However, #4, with just some Garnier BB Cream (I must order some real BB cream soon!) and about 3 hours later, my skin is incredibly smooth and soft.

Final impression- seems to work, but be careful if your skin irritates easily!

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