Silhouette Card Making

I rarely give cards when I give gifts.  They always seem like a waste of trees to me.  I have been slowly getting into card making with my Cameo and just wanted to share some!

This first one was done for my dad's birthday, using a Chomas Creations pen holder.  Want to win a marker holder??  GO HERE!  Closes in 10 hours :)

Print & cut card, also for my dad, using free files from Bird's Cards and brown twine

Xbox controller print & cut, also from Bird's Cards

Tetris Card- it was free somewhere on the internets, I think I found it on 4Shared but I cannot find it!  Also, each block was individual.  Shoot me.

Bird house- also from Bird's Cards

Pretty card, card shape also Bird's Cards (sense a theme?  Lots of great free files there!), sun shape I believe was cameo stock and cut in gold vinyl.

New baby card for my cousin.  Card is from the Silhouette Store and everything was colored with Print & Cut.

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