Print And Cut on Printable Vinyl

This weekend we are hosting a Purple Heart fundraiser.  The purpose of the fund raiser is to donate to troops who are trying to make it home for the holidays and can't afford to do it on their own.

Everyone goes on and on about "lazy" military wives and how we stay at home because our husbands get paid well.  I'm here to tell you, almost every E4 and under who has a family is on WIC.  I am thankful that I never was, but my husband and his ex and children were.  Different branches promote at different rates, but the Air Force is on the slower end, and an Airman can still be an E4 at 27-ish years old, nearly 10 years into their career.  Not every Airman is that rank at that age, but it's common.  And most wives stay at home because moving every 3 years looks bad on a resume.  I myself have been told by a company that they don't hire military spouses for that reason (in writing.  Which got forwarded to the labor commissioner.  Le Sigh).

I'm sorry for the little vent, but our military, especially the guys with less than 15 years in, make peanuts for an incredibly responsible job.  I know Airmen who haven't seen their moms in 2+ years.  Not deployment; just travel costs are high and pay is low.  We are so incredibly fortunate to not live paycheck to paycheck and we see our family as much as we can.

So you can tell this fundraiser is very near and dear to me.

We had these handled mason jars donated and will be doing purple drinks to match the Purple Heart and the cups are to keep when you buy a drink (with drink money going to the fundraiser).  I used printable vinyl, which is my new favorite material to work with because it's 100% waterproof when the ink dries AND stands up to our business' industrial strength dish washer without coming off.  I traced a purple heart logo which was actually tricky.  I had to erase a lot to just get the outline.  I should have clicked "Cut Edge" in the settings, but as usual, I over complicated it!

We have 24 of these and I hope we sell them all!  :)

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