Print & Cut: New Home Card

One feature of the Cameo that I really like over the Cricut X is the Print & Cut feature.  That lets me just print shapes in my printer and then cut them in the Cameo.  It's so much easier for tiny embellishments; you don't have to buy 6 different colors of card stock for tiny things.  Just print on white & you're good to go!

Here are the tiny details on a house card I made for my sister.  I printed it just as you see here.

Cell phone photo of my screen, since I never remember that I can do screenshots.

The Cameo scans the Registration Marks and cuts your design!

The inside of the shutters was cut as well; just had to be poked out.

So for this house, the brown house itself was a 12x12 piece of brown card stock that I happened to have but everything else was made with Print & Cut.

Glue not dry.

The guide wanted me to add a brad for the door knob, but I may just glue a jewel on there at some point.

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