Bedazzled Car Emblem

I love Swarovski crystals.  Recently I went to a car show with my husband where nearly an entire Lexus was blinged out.  It was gaudy, but I loved it.  I wanted to do something similar on my fairly boring, beige, mommy-classic SUV.  I figured blinging out the emblem would be nice, but not over the top.

Plus, my emblem was sad and losing color in parts.

I bought Swarovski crystals in matching colors.  Size 3mm.  I actually overbought and have some packs to return, but my inital purchase was $37 in crystals and $2 in a super glue gel pen.

It's fairly easy to do.  Less than an hour of work (and an instagram filter) later...

Now it matches my sparkly license plate cover!

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