For Chic's Sake's "Dress Your Tech" Printables

Yesterday on Pinterested I saw one of my friends repinning these printable iPhone stickers from For Chic Sake and I was ALL OVER THAT.  You might remember awhile back that I bought a clear iPhone case and made a whole bunch of personalized paper inserts.  Thanks to For Chic Sake, I have also personalized my charger AND the front of my phone!

You can download For Chic Sake's printable by clicking the link above (the link labeled For Chic Sake- we keep it simple over here) and instructions for editing the monograms are right in the PDF.  You need a full sheet printable label- no address labels or shipping labels.  Once you edit and print, just cut out the labels you want and stick them on!

If you have problems printing, you may have to print from a screencap in another program.  Looking at the comments section, it seems to be hit or miss on printer errors.

There are MANY different styles to choose from.  I chose this pretty anchor monogram design for my charger:

And I chose a pink home button with a simple monogram (there is a fancy monogram, along with a whole bunch of other colors!).  It IS tricky cutting a circle that is so small, but I can always try again and replace this one.  It's just a sticker :)

I thought the pink and white of that home button monogram complimented one of my sleeves quite nicely!

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