DIY Bow Back T-shirt Refashion

This is a pretty simple refashion, just takes some time.

First take your t-shirt, cut it up the back, fold it over, and sew the seam.

Next, you need to make bows.  Cut 6 rectangles (or however many you personally want) that are 7" x 8.5". The 7" is vertical, 8.5" is the horizontal side.  With right sides together, sew them into a tube, leaving one side open.  Turn them right side out and pin and sew down the side you left open.

For the bow's center, cut strips that are 3" long x 2" wide.  With wrong side up, pin over and sew down the tiniest hem you can possibly sew without eating your material.  Now, put wrong sides together again so your two vertical ends are touching, sew them together, and flip right side out so that you have a tube.

Fold your bow like it's an accordion and slip the center piece onto it.  Adjust & ruffle your bow as needed.

Pin the bows to the back of the shirt- end of the bow to the INSIDE- and sew down.

Remove pins and show off!

So this is the back:

And front- you won't see anything but black til I turn around!  That bow is just peeking out because the scoop neck is low in the front.

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