Easy Pillowcase Pajama Re-do

Back in June, I posted about how I adapted the ubiquitous children's pillowcase dress pattern into an adult's nightgown.  I still adore those nightgowns that I had made, but I wanted to make a few more and I wanted to add something to it- probably because it is so easy to sew that it takes me less than 15 minutes to measure, cut, sew, and finish up these days.

The only thing I could think of was to add a ruffled hem.  I love how it came out!

My fabrics are knit- the body is a spandex knit and I'm not sure about the solid colored fabric; just that it's a knit.

As usual, I cut two rectangles, then cut armholes, sewed seams in the armholes, and then folded down the front and back to sew the tube for the shoulder sash.

The shoulder sash is made by sewing a strip of fabric into a tube- nothing fancy.

The hem is made by taking two long strips of fabric.  I set my machine to a tension of 4/5 and the longest stitch possible.  Do NOT backtract to lock your stitch- just sew from end to end and then pull on the threads that allow your fabric to ruffle.  At each end one thread will work and one won't so it's pretty easy to figure out :) Move the fabric along the thread you are holding and it will ruffle.  I like to ruffle it as tight as possible and then lay it on top of what I will be sewing it to and un-ruffling until it's the right length.

I sewed the ruffle to the body before the two rectangles of the body were sewn together.  I just pin the ruffled hem to the bottom- right sides together- sew it, and when you flip the hem back down, voila, ruffles!

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