More decor...

With a brand new Cameo, a large room all to myself for crafting, and Halloween around the corner, I've been happily staying busy!

For the bar, I made a half dozen paper flowers in fall prints.  I had bought the mason jar for a Halloween eyeball thing, but ended up sticking the flowers in there.  I'm not really a mason jar person; I needed a glass jar in general to store fake eyeballs for a display, but I think the mason jar works here anyway.

One of the office windows now has "BOO" boxes that I can stick a flameless votive in, and a 3D spooky tree shadowbox
I bought this lantern cut not realizing just how teeny weenie it is.  Right now it's in the living room window. 
And just a few minutes ago, I finished my Pinterest-inspired wreath!  Two 6' boas, a styrofoam wreath, 6 ping pong balls, 6 googly eyes, and a hot glue gun.

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