Sock Bun vs Bun Maker

I loving doing a sock bun, but I don't love the sock.  It tends to unroll, it's a bit heavy, and if my hair is damp, I half expect to see mold in that thing when I take it out.  It's kind of gross, really.

Also, it only made an "okay" bun.  It was usually a bit messy and uneven.

While I was at Sally Beauty, I saw this.  It comes in several colors to match your hair (I was hunting for brown socks previously), it's mesh, really light, and it's all one piece so it won't unroll.

Oh and it's only $3 :)

I rolled a near perfect bun in less than 12 seconds using this thing.  It's great.  One feature I really like is that it's squishy.  After I roll my hair, if I missed a piece or a side is sticking out, I just kind of squeeze and tuck that piece into the roll.  The roll re-expands and holds the hair I tucked in.  No more touching up with bobby pins!

bright flash, squishy mesh

On Amazon you can even buy different sizes.  I have lots of hair and it's very thick and I haven't had a problem with what Sally's carries, but it's also not sized, so I can't compare it to any of the sized ones.  It's possible the sizes are for children's hair vs adults hair.  Also, it seems to be called a "chignon maker" or similar on Amazon if you're looking.

Here's my much improved, no bobby pin touch  up needed, lightweight yet super hold-worthy Bun Maker bun:

Compare to the first photo with a sock, it's a big difference!

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