Stuff around the kitchen

We have learned that green onions placed in a glass of water will regenerate time and time again, and quickly too!  We cut these down to the white roots less than a week ago- probably 3 days ago in fact!  When I made scrambled eggs for the kids yesterday it was so nice to just snip off some fresh chives to toss in.

Second, I also tried (again) the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes Per Day recipe.  And again...I don't know how everyone is getting some amazing results.  Mine looked ok, nothing special, though I did finally get "stripes."  Inside was dense & still not fully cooked.  I followed all the directions to a T and added time when I didn't think it was done, and it still really wasn't done.

We also took some Absolut vodka and let it soak up Skittles overnight.  Drain the skittle dust through a coffee filter and voila, yummy vodka!  Great mixed with Sprite!

I have lots more stuff that we have been up to and Day 6 of the blog challenge, but I've got an energetic toddler clinging to me and I'm off to snuggle with him!

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