30 Day Shred, Kinect, and Couch to 5k

It's no secret that 2 years on I'm still trying to lose all of the baby weight.  I went from a 125 pre-pregnancy weight to a 145 infertility-drugs weight to a 190 pre-eclampsia-while-pregnant weight.  I have lost a LOT of that but I'm not back down to my goal yet and I'm short so any amount of weight looks really bad on me.

Recently I started doing The 30 Day Shred and made it to almost 12 or so consecutive days.  I lost a few pounds and inches in that time which is amazing.  However I guess I am still not used to dry desert air and both of my heels cracked and I could barely stand for a few days.

In the evenings I would do UFC Trainer for the Kinect with my hubby.  It is a very good workout and we like it a lot.

To get back in the swing of things I will also be starting Couch to 5K tomorrow.  My plan is Couch to 5k in the mornings (starts at 12 min and gradually increases to 30), 30 Day Shred during naptime (20 min), and UFC Trainer in the evenings (20-45 min).

Let's hope this pays off!

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