On the left of this page is a link to my Pinterest.  One of my favorite things on Pinterest is my board of house ideas, lots of which involve getting more organized.  For instance, I love the pantry where the woman sorted everything into tupperware and mason jars.  It looks awesome!  But when it comes down to it I never feel like going to the store and spending $300 on mason jars.  I have however been on a big purge kick lately.

Yesterday I cleaned out the pantry and today I did 2 more kitchen cabinets and 2 cabinets in the office.  My neighbors are having a garage sale this weekend, so I'm half keeping an eye out for stuff to sell but really haven't come across anything.  Purging is all we really need.  The Container Store is opening here in May which I am excited about as Las Vegas doesn't have an Ikea!

Speaking of the neighbor's garage sale, we did an early pick through and got a gorgeous, giant-leaf-blade-style ceiling fan for our office, a video game system for our two year old, a laptop for our two year old, and a Louis Vuitton storage box...for $25 total.  My babysitter bought this awesome retro couch set from my neighbor so I think we made my neighbor quite happy today!

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