No Sew Halter Fail

I guess I am on a Pinterest fail kick right now!  Last post was my Swirl Nail Fail and today, my No Sew Halter Fail.

Here's the original blog with her instructions and photos.

Aaaand...here's mine!

In this pic my thumb is on the seam.  Rather than stay straight up and down the side of the shirt/my body, it goes in diagonally to the tied front.

Here's the back.  I can't show you the front.  The part of the front that you are instructed to tie will not stay tied and your boobs will fall out of the resulting giant key hole.

I followed her cutting instructions exactly.  I normally wear a women's medium and this was a men's large.

I have no idea what I did wrong, but since other than the boob escape key hole and the ties themselves, it fit down the sides (where the seam was in the right place, anyway) and was the right length, so I can only guess that it's somewhere in the construction that this fell apart.

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