My favorite slime recipe

I have made slime a LOT and as such, I've tried just about every slime recipe I can get my hands on.  Most are some variation of glue and borax or liquid starch and borax or cornstarch and water, etc.  FYI cornstarch and water = oobleck which is SUPER fun but not quite slime.

So with a lot of experimentation, this is my favorite slime recipe which I have not seen anywhere else.  I didn't make huge modifications, just added in borax WITH glue and starch and it was pretty perfect!

In a bowl, add:
1 container of glue- any size
Fill that empty container with water and add to the bowl
Add food coloring as desired- I REALLY prefer gel colors- and mix well
Fill empty glue container with liquid starch and add to bowl
Add 1 teaspoon borax and mix well

It will be really goopy at first but if you knead it with your hands it gets less goopy more mold-able.  If you want stringly gloopy gloopy slime, skip the borax.  If you think the slime is too firm, add a palmfull of water and knead.

Store in an airtight container & have lots of fun!

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