Happy spring & a tire swing

I have barely looked at my Cameo since I found out I was pregnant in January.  I've played with the software, dreamed of what I'm going to make for the holidays in our new house, thought about what I can make for the new baby to wear, etc...very little actual crafting however.  That will probably change for my baby shower next month, but for now, I just made this cute little card.

Every shape is in the Silhouette store and the only colored paper I used was the green grass; the rest is all print & cut, even the background.  I needed a birthday card for someone and liked the idea of a white picket fence, but not a house since it wasn't for a housewarming.  I had the string laying around and even though I cut cardstock "rope" I changed my mind and I like the string much better :)

This is my favorite part of owning a Cameo over a Cricut (which I still have..)- I can browse the online store, buy a single shape that I like, mix & match all of my shapes, resize, color, edit, and make a digital template, then print it, cut it, and put it together, without getting up or going to the store!

Shape links:

The card itself is this card's shape minus all embellishments, and then I just made a square the same size as the front half and print & cut it blue

I placed the leaves one by one by first putting small glue dots all over where I wanted the leaves, and then using the Pick Me Up tool, placed them one by one easily & quickly over the glue dots.

The birthday girl liked it so much that she wants me to make her 24 random cards, blank inside, and pay me of course :) Guess I'll be busy on the Cameo after all!


  1. That is a super cute card! I love it, and am pinning it I absolutely love the fence.