Since we have been shopping for a new house I have spent a lot of time looking around at things like paint colors, new countertops, closet organizational systems, new furniture...etc.  I was really excited to try out this free app called Homestyler on my iPad today.  Every so often I just search the top charts and this looked interesting, so I downloaded it.

You can take a photo or upload a photo and then totally redecorate the room, from new windows to wall colors to furniture to cabinets & appliances.  Everything looks pretty realistic and can be resized and rotated until perfect.  The paint colors are from Sherwin Williams and probably my favorite part, since sometimes visualizing a whole new wall color can be hard.

I took this photo of the eat-in kitchen of a house that made our short list...

And even though my husband hates white kitchens, I had fun designing what might have been :)

The cabinets aren't perfect, I should have made the table a smidge taller, and the old lighting fixture wasn't totally hidden, but it gave a very realistic idea of what to expect, should I redo this kitchen with white beadboard cabinets and a dandelion light fixture (and a prettier window).

My biggest pet peeve with the app is that the selection of furniture and cabinets and other things to modify is someone limited.  I think there were only 6 dining room tables.  On the plus side, there are ways to do a top down view of your floor plan or totally build a house & then decorate it.  How fun is that?

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