Vinyl on $1 Chargers

The title really says it all.  A sheet of vinyl, 12 x 24", is about $1.96 and many online vinyl stores have coupons out there.  The chargers were $1 at Dollar Tree.  While some people have had no problems putting vinyl in the dishwasher, you may not be as lucky, so be careful.  These chargers are great for place setting or giving gifts like Christmas cookies.

Cute huh?  Some detail:

Isn't that deer just adorable?  These really jazz up a typical paper plate of cookies, or even better, it's a dish you don't have to worry about getting back!



(and not the crafty kind, either)

I'm bummed that I haven't gotten to post as much.

Here's a list of what I'm slacking on showing off:

-Personalized sippy/snack combo cups
-party invitations
-holiday cards
-address labels
-a knockoff Life Planner
-a toddler friend felt wall Christmas tree
-some small sewing projects
-a stencil & paint t-shirt
-several printable HTV t-shirts
-2 regular HTV t-shirt
-the finished vanilla extract

Yep...with the exception of the sewing stuff, ALL done with my Cameo.  I sound like a broken record...or a Cameo ad (untrue, I'm pretty sure Silhouette doesn't know I exist, let alone wants to pay me for anything. *cough*).  I really am loving that machine.

Aside from crafting, as I mentioned before, I'm back in school for another degree.  I can officially call myself a graduate student, or a post graduate student, or a continuing ed student...whatever I want it seems.  What I call myself is busy.  I still have time to craft...but the blog is slacking.

I'm sorry for that.  You guys are so nice.  I love reading your e-mails and being able to help and inspire (even if it's through my screw ups!) and I'm going to do my hardest to catch up before our vacation next week.

XOXO, blog land!!



Cardstock Christmas Village

First off I apologize for the silence lately.  In 2008 I received my Bachelors degree, got married a week later, and haven't really worked since.  I decided to go back to school for a different degree and started earlier this week.  I love school but I forgot how much homework is involved!  In fact, I have 2 more case briefs to read for this week, so I have to make this quick.

This took me 3 days since that pesky school work kept getting in the way.  I bet it would have taken me even longer had I not be introduced to the wonder that is glue dots.  I wish I had tried them sooner!

I believe these three are all different designers.  The pinkish house is a simple print and cut, as is the small gingerbread house (although the cut/fold lines of that house are a little off...).  The large gingerbread house was cut from card stock but the details were done with print & cut.

If you didn't print the holiday details and printed the roof out of something (anything) else this could easily work as just a simple little house, not a gingerbread house!

These three are all from the same designer and I wish they would release more!  I added the wreaths for a holiday touch.  The window frames, brown detailing on the cottage, etc, are all card stock are the walls & roofs.  

The church's white & black parts are card stock and then I used a holiday pattern and print & cut to give the illusion that it was a holiday stained glass within the window frames.

Normally 3D projects drive me nuts, but I really think the glue dots made a BIG difference.  Huge.  I'll never go back.  I can't wait for more 3D houses to be released in the Silhouette Store!