(and not the crafty kind, either)

I'm bummed that I haven't gotten to post as much.

Here's a list of what I'm slacking on showing off:

-Personalized sippy/snack combo cups
-party invitations
-holiday cards
-address labels
-a knockoff Life Planner
-a toddler friend felt wall Christmas tree
-some small sewing projects
-a stencil & paint t-shirt
-several printable HTV t-shirts
-2 regular HTV t-shirt
-the finished vanilla extract

Yep...with the exception of the sewing stuff, ALL done with my Cameo.  I sound like a broken record...or a Cameo ad (untrue, I'm pretty sure Silhouette doesn't know I exist, let alone wants to pay me for anything. *cough*).  I really am loving that machine.

Aside from crafting, as I mentioned before, I'm back in school for another degree.  I can officially call myself a graduate student, or a post graduate student, or a continuing ed student...whatever I want it seems.  What I call myself is busy.  I still have time to craft...but the blog is slacking.

I'm sorry for that.  You guys are so nice.  I love reading your e-mails and being able to help and inspire (even if it's through my screw ups!) and I'm going to do my hardest to catch up before our vacation next week.

XOXO, blog land!!


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