League of Legends / World of Warcraft Christmas Stocking Custom

It's been forever since I posted and quite awhile since Christmas, obviously.  Regardless, I wanted to share this adorable stocking I made for my boyfriend.  He came to my place for Christmas and I didn't want him to feel left out of the stocking part of things, so I made this for him and filled it up.

I used to love Warcraft and he humored me by playing it a bit with me.  He loves League of Legends so I learned how to play for him.  I decided to combine both and make something cute and personal.

First, I took the World of Warcraft logo, and removed the words, so I was left with the overall shape and texture:

Next, I traced that with my Silhouette Cameo so it'd be a separate cut file.

I wrote his name with the Warcraft-style font found here: http://www.dafont.com/lifecraft.font and added some contrasting border to the letters.

The next thing I did was start looking around for holiday-themed League of Legends images.  This wasn't hard, as they even put earmuffs on one of the miniboss style mobs during the game that time of year.

One adorable Christmas-fied minion later, I had everything in my Silhouette Studio program and traced for cutting.  First was obviously printing- I used Avery Inkject Paper for Dark Colors as this type of paper is basically fabric that you print on, cut, and iron on.  If you use paper for light colors, you're basically just transferring ink, so it doesn't work on dark colors and not very well on textures either.  This stocking is red & fuzzy, so dark it is.  Everything cut without a hitch in the Cameo- settings were for HTV but I ramped the blade up a notch.

I don't have a heat press, so I used an iron on the highest settings with a piece of teflon in between the transfer and the iron.  It took a bit of time and pressure due to the texture of the iron, but I think ti was completely worth the effort:

My boyfriend told me that he shared it with some online gaming groups and it was pretty well received, so that made me happy :)  It was his idea to post it here too, so hopefully I'll be around and more active again!  Can't wait to see the new machines Silhouette has coming out next month!