Roses and babies!

Life has been crazy busy!  Wanna know why?  :)

Baby #2 was born on September 8th :) It's been so much fun having a little guy around again, though the lack of sleep and the whole "breast feeding means you're kind of tethered to the baby" feeding thing takes some getting used to again.

Sorry for the giant watermark- sharing pics of my children online makes me nervous, to be honest.

He actually came a smidge early, so this project isn't 100% finished but I don't see it getting finished any time soon.  All I really want to do is add more of the same thing, so simple enough.

The roses are from the Mom's Garden Gifts kit from svgcuts.com.  Their files are very intimidating when downloaded and I had to watch the video several times, but it's fairly easy to do.  I bought 3/16" dowel rods at Michael's for like 30 cents each and had my dad cut them into thirds, and then wrapped them in floral tape.  Pretty easy.

I used normal school glue for the roses.  My beloved glue dots ARE easier but they add a bit of dimension where placed which wasn't a good fit for this project.

Anyway, it used to be a vase of old musty silk flowers, and I decided to do a fall themed bouquet instead. 

It makes me smile when I walk past the table- they are very realistic looking for paper flowers, and super cute!

Back to my new baby now :)